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Freedom is, Lucille Gusah

Poem by Lucille Gusah, Year 8

Freedom is running in a field with the wind rushing by, freedom is laying down on grass and smelling fresh air. Freedom is looking up at the sky and watching clouds dance around the sky. Seeing clouds grow pictures, freedom is rolling around laughing. Freedom is knowing you love your family and they love you. Freedom is knowing that you have accomplished what you want to accomplish. Freedom is running around, playing, having fun with friends. Freedom is happiness, happy that you have a home, a family, friends and that people love and need you. Freedom is being out of breath from running around. Freedom is knowing you are doing what you enjoy and that you can stop or start anything you want. Freedom is having no rules or regulations.

Freedom is watching children run and play, laughing and singing. Or looking at the endless sky and seeing it as a mirror of yourself. The clouds are free and so are you. Freedom is being able to laugh, shout and do what you want.

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