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Bit, Mei Leng Yew

Poem by Mei Leng Yew, Year 12

Blood spills as I cut into his mouth. I trap his tongue
He struggles silently inside.
His pulse thumps and thunders
A solid beat vibrating though my metal bar
With every deep shaking breath he takes, I squeeze.

I grow first warm, then hot as saliva floods
Like poison lapping into old wounds, repressing words
Turning them to stifled groans of ache and pain.
He's terrified and yet beneath that, anger simmers.
A heat I cannot reach. An unquenchable revolt.

This is where freedom will be born.
I silence his screams and he blisters his resentful fire.
Some day, his strength will burst free.
He will overwhelm me. He will set himself free.

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