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Music in remembrance

In 2007 on the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade, musicians performed a piece in Westminster Hall entitled 'The Woman Who Refused To Dance' by composer and conductor Shirley J Thompson:

"I based my piece on a colour print from 1792 by Isaac Cruickshank - The abolition of the slave trade, or the inhumanity of dealers in human flesh exemplified in the cruel treatment of a young negro girl of 15 for her virgin modesty


The print depicts a young woman who was ordered to dance by a slave ship captain, but refused and was hung up by one leg as punishment. She died five days later."

The composition is titled The Woman Who Refused To Dance. Listen to a studio recording of it here by clicking on the audio player above.

Copyright: The Woman Who Refused To Dance, Words and music: Shirley J Thompson (3.43)

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