James Powell’s Evidence to Parliament (Part 2)

James Powell’s Evidence to Parliament (Part 2)
  • Title: James Powell’s Evidence to Parliament (Part 2)

  • Date : 7 June 1830

  • Catalogue number : Parliamentary Archives HL/PO/JO/10/8/913 p.44

  • Description :

    Richard Blakemore petitioned Parliament for the right to be heard by the Opposed Bill Committee on the Bute Ship Canal, but did not give evidence directly.  James Powell, one of the agents at the Melingriffith Works, gave evidence on his behalf.

    As the other evidence found by our group suggested, Richard Blakemore’s concern was relating to the Glamorganshire Canal Company’s use of water from the River Taff which the Melingriffith Works depended on in order to power its machinery.  This is reflected in the evidence of Powell, which discusses the impact lack of water has had on the Works in the past, and how he believes construction of the Bute Canal will affect the Works in the future.

    A transcript of James Powell’s evidence is available.  Please click ‘Transcript’, above. 

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  • Transcript:

    A: True in the Workmen and their Assistants
     Cross-examined by Mr Ludlow
    Q: You were examined in the House of Commons
    A: Yes
    Q: Can you tell how many Locks of Water were taken from the Taff above Mr Blakemore’s Works
    A: Yes
    Q: At the time his Works were stopped can you tell us how many Locks were taken away in the 24 hours
    A: Yes, the largest quantity that ever happened in any one day was 568 Locks
    Q: At the time when the Trade only required 24 or 30
    A: I cannot exactly say
    Q: Was not that somewhere about the thing at the time 568 Locks were taken away from the River Taff were more than thirty or forty Locks required for the use of the Trade?