Edward Priest Richard’s School Reports

Edward Priest Richard’s School Reports
  • Title: Edward Priest Richard’s School Reports

  • Date : 14 December 1805

  • Catalogue number : Glamorgan Archives DX478

  • Description :

    Edward Priest Richards was orphaned at the age of 11, and placed in the guardianship of his uncle, William Tait.  Richards was enrolled at a Commercial and Professional school run by Reverend Samuel Catlow in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.  Our group found some of his school reports and expenses amongst a collection of family papers and you can read a selection of these here. 

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  • Transcript:

    Dear Sir,
    I have inclosed your Nephew’s half-yearly account, which I hope will be found correct.  I need say little of his general conduct, and attention to his studies, as the printed Reports which accompany him offer testimonials highly favourable to him in these respects.  His present talents give a presage of the future respectability of his character, and I hope and trust that he will prove a source of much happiness to his connections and friends.
    Begging leave to thank you for the honour you have done Me in instrusting the tuition of your Nephew to my care and joining Mrs Catlow in respectful compliments to Mrs Whitney and yourself, I am, dear Sir, Your obliged and obedient servant, Samuel Catlow.  Mansfield, June 13, 1807.