Edward Priest Richard’s School Reports

Edward Priest Richard’s School Reports
  • Title: Edward Priest Richard’s School Reports

  • Date : 14 December 1805

  • Description :

    Edward Priest Richards was orphaned at the age of 11, and placed in the guardianship of his uncle, William Tait.  Richards was enrolled at a Commercial and Professional school run by Reverend Samuel Catlow in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.  Our group found some of his school reports and expenses amongst a collection of family papers and you can read a selection of these here. 

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  • Transcript:

    At the request of Mr Whitney, I have transmitted the half yearly account of Master Richards.  I am happy in informing you, that I find him a boy of very promising abilities and dispositions, and that his improvement has been very satisfactory during his short residence here.  As his former pursuits have been chiefly classical, I have thought it necessary to open a new field to him preparatory to commercial life, for which, I understand, he is intended.  He will still, however, tho’ in a less degree, continue the dead languages, except you and his friends express a wish that his sole attention may be occupied by subjects more immediately useful in active pursuits.  On this, and any other subject, connected with his present and future improvement, I shall think myself honoured by your communications, and am, Sir, Your obedient humble Servant, Samuel Catlow
    Mansfield, Dec 14th, 1805