1817 Poor Rate Court Case

1817 Poor Rate Court Case
  • Title: 1817 Poor Rate Court Case

  • Date : 1817

  • Catalogue number : Glamorgan Archives DART/W/372

  • Description :

    In 1817, Edward Priest Richards was embroiled in a plot to cause ill-feeling, and even a riot, against Nathaniel French and John Williams, the overseers of the poor.  It was claimed that this was done in order for political gain, ‘...contriving to obtain by undue means for certain persons the benefit and advantage of certain votes at the future vestry meetings of the said United Parishes.’

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  • Transcript:

    That the said Thomas Charles, William Prichard, Joseph Wheeler, Philip Woolcott and Edward Priest Richards so being persons of Evil minds and dispositions as aforesaid and Unlawfully Wickedly and Corruptly intending contriving and devising to prevent the poor of the said United Parishes from receiving the relief to which by Law they were entitled and also to deprive the said Nathaniel French and John Williams of the said monies so by them paid laid out and expended to and for the use and relief of the said poor of the said United Parishes as aforesaid and of all means of being reimbursed the same on the said 20th day of October in the 58th years aforesaid [inserted: with force and arms at the Boro[ugh] [aforesaid] in the County [aforesaid]] did conspire combine confederate and agree together [to prevent a Rate being made for the Relief of the poor of the said United Parishes.] that the said Joseph Wheeler and Philip Woolcott so being such churchwardens as aforesaid in pursuance of and according to the said conspiracy combination confederacy and agreement between them and the said Thomas Charles, William Pritchard and Edward Priest Richards as last aforesaid had on the said 20th day of October in the year aforesaid at the Borough aforesaid in the County aforesaid did refuse and neglect to sign a Certain Rate for the relief of the poor...