James Tomson’s Evidence (Part 4)

James Tomson’s Evidence (Part 4)
  • Title: James Tomson’s Evidence (Part 4)

  • Date : 1864

  • Catalogue number : Parliamentary Archives HL/PO/PB/5/30/5 p.109

  • Description :

    James Tomson was Baroness Windsor’s Agent, and he gave evidence to the opposed bill committee on the Bute Docks Bill on her behalf.  He discusses the fact that she is more interested in the Penarth Docks, which are on her own land, than in the extension of the Cardiff Docks, but denies that her opposition to the Bill is based solely on the issue of competition between the two Docks.

  • Transcript:

    Upon two grounds – it is well known what Lady Windsor’s position is – she is as a matter of course more interested in the extension of Dock accommodation on her own property than in Cardiff – and she is also interested in getting the nest communication with that Dock accommodation which we consider is not by any means so perfect as it ought to be
    Q: But it will be quite within the powers of the Committee to grant that increased accommodation by inserting clauses in the Bill will it not
    A: We