James Tomson’s Evidence (Part 3)

James Tomson’s Evidence (Part 3)
  • Title: James Tomson’s Evidence (Part 3)

  • Date : 1864

  • Catalogue number : Parliamentary Archives HL/PO/PB/5/30/5 p.108

  • Description :

    James Tomson was Baroness Windsor’s Agent, and he gave evidence to the opposed bill committee on the Bute Docks Bill on her behalf.  He discusses the fact that she is more interested in the Penarth Docks, which are on her own land, than in the extension of the Cardiff Docks, but denies that her opposition to the Bill is based solely on the issue of competition between the two Docks.

  • Transcript:

    Docks – Lady Windsor will surely share in the benefits that are intended to be given by this Bill.
    A: She would to a less extent
    Q: But would she not share it to the fullest extent of which her collieries are capable of being worked
    A: Not so much so as if the docks were constructed upon her own property
    Q: That is to say you calculate that she is more interested in the Penarth Docks than in the Cardiff Docks
    A: No doubt
    Q: And therefore on that account as a competition of interest do you oppose the Cardiff Docks to get  future benefit to the Penarth Docks
    A: Our argument is based upon...