James Tomson’s Evidence (Part 1)

James Tomson’s Evidence (Part 1)
  • Title: James Tomson’s Evidence (Part 1)

  • Date : 1864

  • Catalogue number : Parliamentary Archives HL/PO/PB/5/30/5 p.101

  • Description :

    James Tomson was Baroness Windsor’s Agent, and he gave evidence to the opposed bill committee on the Bute Docks Bill on her behalf.  He discusses the fact that she is more interested in the Penarth Docks, which are on her own land, than in the extension of the Cardiff Docks, but denies that her opposition to the Bill is based solely on the issue of competition between the two Docks.

  • Transcript:

    Mr James Tomson is called in and having been sworn is examined by Mr Winder as follows
    Q: I believe you are Lady Windsor’s Agent in Glamorganshire
    A: I am
    Q: How long have you known her property there?
    A: Upwards of 30 years
    Q: Will you tell us the extent of her property in Glamorganshire and the neighbourhood
    A: Between 16,000 and 17,000 acres
    Q: How many acres of that contain minerals
    A: About 11,000 acres
    Q: Is the port of Cardiff the natural exit for most of that mineral
    A: It is for nearly the whole of it
    Q: Are the minerals both Coal and Iron
    A: Both