Time and Tide

The Witnesses

The passage of private bills enabled much of the infrastructure of the nineteenth and twentieth century’s to be built, and the Bute Docks was no exception. Find out more about the Parliamentary process involved, and why people from Cardiff were travellin

David Morse

David Morse was a pilot at Cardiff Docks. He gave evidence to the Opposed Bill Committees for the 1864 and 1866 Bute Docks Bills.

Baroness Windsor

Baroness Windsor, head of the wealthy landowning Windsor-Clive family, petitioned against a number of the Bute Docks bills.

Edward Priest Richards

One of the witnesses giving evidence was Edward Priest Richards, agent to the Marquis of Bute.

Richard Blakemore

Richard Blakemore was one of people who opposed the first Bute Dock Bill, the 1830 Bute Ship Canal Bill. He petitioned Parliament for the opportunity to give evidence to the Opposed Bill Committee.