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About the Glamorgan case study

This case study looks as the building and development of Cardiff Docks, including the role of Parliament and local people, and the impact this had on the local area and community.  It is the result of investigation by members of Grangetown Local History Society.

Cardiff Docks were built in the nineteenth century by the Bute family, who were important local landowners.  The Docks had a huge impact on the development of Cardiff and the surrounding area.

Our volunteers were members of Grangetown Local History Society.  They used records at Glamorgan Archives and the Parliamentary Archives to investigate the impact that the development of the Docks had on members of their community.

They used the Parliamentary Bills Witness Database to identify local people who had travelled to Parliament in order to give evidence on various Bills relating to Cardiff Docks.  Using records from Glamorgan Archives, they found out as much about these individuals as they could.  They tried to establish whether they would have been for or against the development of the docks, looking at their situation and their motives.

The group visited the Parliamentary Archives and were able to study the evidence that these individuals were given.  They were able to see the wealth of information about the Docks given in the evidence, and to establish whether their predictions were accurate.

We also worked with local school children at Mount Stuart Primary School, who leant about the impact of the development of the Docks on their local community by looking at archive material and going on a guided walk around their neighbourhood.  They produced artwork which can be seen in the Thoughts and Reflections section of this case study.