Glamorgan Case Study

This case study is the result of a partnership between the Parliamentary Archives, Parliamentary Outreach, Glamorgan Archives and Grangetown Local History Society. It is part of the Connecting with Communities project which was launched in July 2009.

The Communities project explores the impact of Parliament on local communities and investigates how people have influenced Parliament.  We do this by researching material held in the Parliamentary Archives at Westminster, as well as records held locally by regional archives.

This project looks at the impact that the building and development of Cardiff Docks had on the local area and the people living there.

Sea of Words

Please click below to view Sea of Words

Sea of Words was created by Trevor Woolery, our Artist in Residence as part of the Arts in Parliament project. 

Still from Sea of Words

 Sea of Words by Trevor Woolery


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Trevor Woolery's artist's statement

About Sea of Words

Time and Tide videos

Please click below to watch videos of our Communities project, Time and Tide.

This project was in partnership with Glamorgan Archives, Mount Stuart Primary School and Grangetown Local History Society. The films were made by staff and students from Cardiff School of Creative and Cultural Industries at the University of Glamorgan.

Mount Stuart Primary School video

Mount Stuart Primary School explore the history of Cardiff Bay 

Grangetown Local History Society video

Grangetown Local History Society investigates the history of Cardiff Docks