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Meet the Group

Our group was made up of volunteers from Sunderland.

Members of the group were Maureen Wallace, Norma Shanks, Marianne Thorpe, Martin Brooks, Susan Spagnoli, Anne Tumman, Denise Lovell, Sharon Vincent , Brenda Graham and John Rawlings.

In order to investigate the improvement of public health in Sunderland they carried out research using records held by Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums, visiting both Tyne and Wear Archives at the Discovery Centre and Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens.  They also visited sites in Sunderland including the Donnison School and the Church of the Holy Trinity.  They looked at a range of public health issues and how they were addressed in Sunderland including nuisances, baths and washhouses, housing, paving and sanitation.

The group concluded the project with a trip to the Houses of Parliament, where they had a tour and a chance to consult records held by the Parliamentary Archives.