William Crozier’s resignation

William Crozier’s resignation
  • Title: William Crozier’s resignation

  • Date : 13 July 1859

  • Catalogue number : Tyne and Wear Archives CB.SU/1/4 p.479

  • Description :

    In 1859 William Crozier, Sunderland’s first borough engineer, resigned from his post in order to take up a new position as engineer and architect to the county of Durham. 

    This image shows his letter of resignation to Sunderland Corporation. 

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  • Transcript:

    [Having been appointed Engineer and Architect to the] County of Durham, I beg most respectfully to tender you my resignation of the Office of Engineer to you Board which Office I have had the honour to hold for nearly eight years, as you no doubt will be aware the public sewerage works are now about completed, these works I shall deem it my duty to complete/the duties of my office not requiring the whole of my services/as to my general duties I trust you will as soon as convenient make arrangements to relieve me from them, and allow me to devote all my leisure time to the completion of the Sewerage Works, and the closing and apportionment of the Capital account under that head.


    Before concluding I cannot but express my hearty thanks to your Board for the Kindness I have invariably received at your hands and the unamity with which I have  been joined in the carrying out of the many large works which have been entrusted to my care and which I trust will be of good service to the inhabitants of the town lasting in monument to the energy and perseverance of your Board and of some little credit and satisfaction to myself. 


    I shall at all times take a lively interest in the welfare of the Borough and shall be happy at all times to offer my humble suggestions when called upon by you to do so.