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William Crozier

William Crozier was Sunderland's first borough engineer.

He was appointed in 1851, under the newly passed Sunderland Borough Act.  One of his first tasks was to undertake a thorough survey of the whole of the borough.  This was in order for plans for a new sewerage system to be drawn up and approved.

Crozier gave regular updates on the progress of the plan to Council meetings.  It was particularly important to the Council as it was the first step necessary for the sewerage system as well as other civic improvement projects.  On 3 January 1855, Crozier was able to report that the plan was completed. You can find out more about the sewerage system in Sunderland here.

On 9 February 1857, Crozier submitted a report to Sunderland Council proposing what would have been a very early example of council housing, but no action was taken. You can find out more about the report here.

In 1859 he resigned from his post in order to become engineer and architect to the county of Durham.  Our group found his resignation in the Council minutes.  In accepting his resignation, the Council expressed their satisfaction with his appointment to Surveyor for the County of Durham, and recorded their wishes for his success and welfare.  Crozier clearly retained links with Sunderland as in 1867 he travelled to Parliament in order to give evidence to the Opposed Bill Committee on the Sunderland Improvement Bill.