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Report by Dr Henry Yeld

One of the biggest problems that Yeld and others trying to improve public health faced was the people often did not behave as they would have hoped. 

This image shows a report by Yeld of an incident that occurred during December 1879, when two deaths from typhoid fever occurred.  In both cases the friends of the deceased were permitted to remove the bodies from the infirmary and take them to their own homes where they were kept for two or three days with the coffin lids off so that visitors could enter the houses and view the bodies.

Yeld remarked,
   ‘It is difficult to conceive a practice more objectionable than this, or one    
    more likely to impress the public with the idea that due regard to the
    interest of the Public Health has not been exercised.' 

You can view a full transcript of Yeld's report by clicking on ‘Transcript', above.