Early By-Laws in Sunderland 4

Early By-Laws in Sunderland 4
  • Title: Early By-Laws in Sunderland 4

  • Date : 1848

  • Catalogue number : Tyne and Wear Archive CB.SU/1/2

  • Description :

    In 1848, a deputation from the Sunderland Sanitary Association visited the Corporation to urge them to enforce the By-Laws.

  • Transcript:

    The deputation believes that many persons are ignorant of the fact that by throwing upon or allowing to run into the Streets, Lanes, or Alleys Night Soil and other refuse they are violating the Law, they would therefore respectfully suggest that the several clauses contained int he Bye Laws relating to nuisances should be published and the Police instructed rigidly to enforce the same.
    The Deputation would also suggest the propriety of appointing an Officer to whom all information might be given and by whom Measures should be taken to remove the Causes of complaint.