Early By-Laws in Sunderland 2

Early By-Laws in Sunderland 2
  • Title: Early By-Laws in Sunderland 2

  • Date : 1848

  • Catalogue number : Tyne and Wear Archive CB.SU/1/2

  • Description :

    In 1848, a deputation from the Sunderland Sanitary Association visited the Corporation to urge them to enforce the By-Laws.

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  • Transcript:

    Appointed by the Sanitary Association to inspect the Sanitary condition of the Town the deputation learn that the Lanes and Alleys are in the most disgraceful state from the want of drains and the bad conditions of the pavement. That many of those Lanes and Alleys are never cleaned by the Scavengers and others, the sweepings are not removed, and that the footpaths (except in the High Street) are not properly swept.
    That contrary to the By Laws Nos. 2 and 8 persons are in the habit emptying Blood, refuse from Butcher’s Killing shops, Night Soil and other offensive matters into opened, uncovered paces in several of the alleys and lanes particularly in the East and Sunderland Ward of Sunderland Parish.  Part of Bridge Ward, called Numbers Garth, Bishopwearmouth.