James Hills Evidence

James Hills Evidence
  • Title: James Hills Evidence

  • Date : 1847

  • Catalogue number : Parliamentary Archives HL/PO/PB/5/13/10

  • Description :

    Opposed private bill committee evidence on the Sunderland Improvement works. James Hills, the local ironmonger, gave evidence in favour of the introduction of the Bill, despite its possible repercussions on his business.

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  • Transcript:

    A: It exists to an amazing extent
    Q: So that I presume at last the wretched being who live in this state are unconscious of the misery to which they are exposed
    A: Yes, we have them always applying for relief almost – wither one party or another is ill of fever or other complaints
    Q: It is productive of disease of course
    A: Yes
    Q: I presume you wish very much for a supply of water to cleanse it away
    A: Very much indeed
    Q: And to have it under the control of the Municipal body
    A: Yes, it would be desirable
    Q: And you want light also - gas light
    A: Yes, and day light too
    Q: You have practically no sewerage at present
    A: Nothing that can be called Sewerage