James Hills Evidence

James Hills Evidence
  • Title: James Hills Evidence

  • Date : 1847

  • Catalogue number : Parliamentary Archives HL/PO/PB/5/13/10

  • Description :

    Opposed private bill committee evidence on the Sunderland Improvement works. James Hills, the local ironmonger, gave evidence in favour of the introduction of the Bill, despite its possible repercussions on his business.

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  • Transcript:

    Q: In what way of the Trade are you?
    A: An Ironmonger
    Q: And I believe the largest retail iron-monger in Sunderland, one of the largest at least. Whereabouts is your shop
    A: It is in the High Street in Bishop-Wearmouth
    Q: You heard the evidence given by the last gentleman with regard to the slaughterhouses in the High Street, is that correct
    A: It is quite correct
    Q: From your observation
    A: Yes
    Q: You heard also the evidence which he gave with regard to the great deficiency of common offices to the houses
    A: Yes
    Q: Is that the fact
    A: Oh yes, I Know it of my own...

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    Q: Where do you reside
    A: In the High Street in Bishop-Wearmouth
    Q: Do you reside in the same house as your shop is
    A: I do
    Q: Then you are fortunate enough to have a water closet
    A: No, there are no drains in the neighbourhood
    Q: Are you obliged to have recourse to a common privy
    A: Yes
    Q: And you have no means of getting rid of the filth expect by having it carted away
    A: No other means whatever
    Q: Is that the case with the houses and shops generally in High Street
    A: yes, but many of them have not the advantages that I have...