Robert Brown Evidence

Robert Brown Evidence
  • Title: Robert Brown Evidence

  • Date : 1847

  • Catalogue number : Parliamentary Archives HL/PO/PB/5/13/10

  • Description :

    Sunderland Mayor, Robert Brown, gives evidence towards the 1847 Sunderland Improvement Bill. Continued questions relating to the water closets in the poorer areas, and the need for carts to remove waste.

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  • Transcript:

    contrivance of a privy is very limited in its use
    A: In the lower parts of the town they are entirely destitute even of that convenience
    Q: In what mode do the poorer people in Sunderland who live in the small houses get rid of the filth
    A: At certain intervals during the week, perhaps every two days , dung carts go round and the materials are kept until those carts come round, and then they are conveyed away by that means
    Q: Is it actually the fact that in the small confined houses the whole of the accumulated filth of a day or two is actually kept in the house itself until the cart comes round
    A: It is so
    Q: At what time of the day or night does the cart come round