Robert Brown Evidence

Robert Brown Evidence
  • Title: Robert Brown Evidence

  • Date : 1847

  • Catalogue number : Parliamentary Archives HL/PO/PB/5/13/10

  • Description :

    Sunderland Mayor, Robert Brown, gives evidence towards the 1847 Sunderland Improvement Bill. Robert Brown continues to be examined.

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  • Transcript:

    ...of the state of things throughout the Town generally
    Q: The sewers you have told me afford no facility at all for getting rid of their filth
    A: None whatever
    Q: In what state are you as to water- you have a Bill I believe?
    A: We have a Bill
    Q: At present the water is sold also much a
    A: Yes
    Q: You propose to take powers as a water company
    A: Yes
    Q: In your opinion will that be a great benefit to the Town?
    A: Of a great benefit undoubtedly
    Q: The Corporation have no powers for anything of that kind now I believe?
    A: They have no power expect that which is given by the by-laws under the Municipal...