William Crozier’s Report 2

William Crozier’s Report 2
  • Title: William Crozier’s Report 2

  • Date : 3 January 1855

  • Catalogue number : Tyne and Wear Archives CB.SU/1/3

  • Description :

    The drawing up of an accurate plan of the borough was a necessary first step to the construction of a sewerage system, and this was the first task of William Crozier, the borough engineer.  

    The progress of the plan was anxiously watched by the Council, who received regular updates from Crozier.  The image above shows him reporting that the plan is very close to completion. 

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  • Transcript:

    ...form.  The plan has taken more labor than I at first anticipated but I have been determined from the first that the Plan should be perfect in every part before it was laid before you and that if the time has been longer than was anticipated I trust that the plan when produced will speak for itself.

    I am Gentlemen your obedient servant
    William Crozier

    Ordered that the report of Mr Crozier be entered on the minutes.