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Housing is one area where tensions between the rights of landowners and businesses and the rights of their tenants and the general public to a healthy atmosphere are evident.

This was an issue that caused great difficulties for those trying to improve public health around the country.  Our group found much evidence of it in Sunderland.   They also found evidence of other issues that led to housing being overcrowded and badly ventilated and lit.

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A major difficulty that those seeking to improve public health in the UK faced was the reluctance of landlords to improve their property.

William Acklam
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William Acklam is a fairly typical example of a slum landlord.

Council Housing
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Our group found an early proposal for council housing dating from the 1850s.

Lodging Houses
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The licensing of lodging houses was another item that recurred throughout the council minutes of nineteenth century.

Window Tax
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Teaser text One of the public health related subjects on which Sunderland Corporation was actively lobbying Parliament was that of the Window Tax