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John St. Loe Strachey on Shakespeare

The documents are from the papers of John St. Loe Strachey (1860-1927). Strachey, a journalist and journal proprietor, was born in Somerset on 9 February 1860. In 1886 he joined the Liberal Unionist Party and he became co-editor of the party paper. Subsequently, Strachey began to write for “The Spectator”, a publication owned by Richard Hutton and Meredith Townshend. In 1896 Townshend gave “The Spectator” to Strachey. Strachey was editor and proprietor of the paper from 1898 until 1925.

The first document (pages 1-10) is a speech by Strachey at a luncheon of The English-Speaking Union on ‘Shakespeare's Day', 23 April 1925. The next document (pages 11-12) is a review of a book entitled ‘The Sonnets of Shakespeare' from 28 February 1925.The final document (pages 13-14)  is  an article Strachey wrote on the Bard on 28 April 1923, three hundred years after the first folio of Shakespeare's work was published.


Strachey articles and speech on Shakespeare


28 April 1923 – 23 April 1925

Catalogue number

Parliamentary Archives, STR/39/3