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House of Lords

Photograph of the House of Lords in session, 22 July 1982.  Tufton Beamish is second from the right.  

Parliamentary Archives,  PIC/P/910

In 1961 Tufton Beamish was knighted. He retired as MP for Lewes in 1974, and in May of that year he was created a life peer as Baron Chelwood of Lewes. In the House of Lords he continued to speak about issues, with nature conservation remaining at the forefront of his attention. Within the Conservative Party, Beamish was considered a "One Nation Conservative", and during his time in the House of Lords he moved an amendment to the Poll Tax legislation to call for charges to vary with income, rather than being the same for all.


Beamish died at St Mary's Hospital, Eastboune, on 6th April 1989. As a politician, he is remembered for his lively and bouncy presentation and speaking skills. His commitment to environmental issues and conservation was, in many ways, decades ahead of his time, and still protects wildlife today.

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