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Guns and ammunition in France

This document is a note from Joseph T. Davies, to David Lloyd George, who was then Secretary of State for War. Davies (1866–1954) was a Welsh businessman, commercial statistician and Liberal Party politician. Davies knew Lloyd George well, later working closely with him as a member of the wartime secretariat which Lloyd George established after becoming Prime Minister in December 1916. Davies included information on guns and ammunition in France for the Somme Offensive in July and August 1916, the first two months of the battle. Tables are included on the amount of ammunition in France on 25 August 1916, and the number and type of guns in France on 1 July, 1 August and 25 August 1916.


Tables listing the number of guns and the amount of ammunition in France


28 Aug 1916

Catalogue number

Parliamentary Archives, LG/E/5/2/3 and LG/E/5/2/4