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House of Lords Staff and the First World War

List of House of Lords staff serving in the First World War, from House of Lords Offices Committee papers, January 1916. The staff listed and military information given are as follows:

  • Clerks: Edward Alexander Stoner (Committee Office) - Captain, Military Section, Royal Flying Corps
  • Cuthbert Headlam (Clerk of Public Bills) - Captain, Bedfordshire Yeomanry
  • Edward Cliffe Vigors (Committee Office) - 2nd Lieutenant, Intelligence Department, Boulogne
  • Granville Proby (Judicial Office) - Lieutenant, Bedfordshire Yeomanry, serving in France
  • William George Gresham Leveson-Gower (Journal Office) - Inns of Court OTC, on staff at House Guards
  • Richard Oliver Walpole Pemberton (Committee Office) - Lieutenant Suffolk Yeomanry, invalided home from Dardanelles
  • Library: Charles Travis Clay (Assistant Librarian) - Royal Devon Yeomanry
  • Accountants' Department: Robert Ambrey Court - Major, West Riding Regiment, Suvla Bay and Egypt.

The document goes on to explain that all Clerks of military age are serving unless medically disqualified. It also says that the Messengers Staff are all over age but five 'old soldiers' have rejoined the services.

Two of the men listed, Leveson-Gower and Court, later died in the War.

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Of the others, Cuthbert Headlam went on to become an MP in 1924 and later a government minister; Pemberton was appointed to the Treasury in 1920; Clay served as House of Lords Librarian 1922-1956; and Stonor, Vigors and Proby worked as House of Lords Clerks to their retirement.


House of Lords Offices Committee papers


January 1916

Catalogue number

Parliamentary Archives, HL/PO/CO/1/418