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Robert Ambrey Court, Book of Remembrance

This is Robert Ambrey Court's entry in the House of Lords Book of Remembrance, giving details of his life, career and war service (Parliamentary Archives, PIC/D/3).

When Robert was killed in action in 1917, Robert's father Thomas was 67 years old and still working as House of Lords Accountant. He had already lost one son to the war; Robert's younger brother, Edward Crawford Court, had been killed in action the previous year. Edward had served with the 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles Battalion (Saskatchewan Regiment), with the rank of Sergeant, and died at the Somme on 1 October 1916, aged 28.

Thomas must have hoped that Robert would make it through the war, return to work in the House of Lords, and perhaps succeed him as House of Lords Accountant. Instead, a year later, Robert's twin sister May Court came to work in the Lords.