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May Court, House of Lords Accountant

A year after the death of Robert Ambrey Court, his twin sister Hannah Frances Mary Court (known as May) was appointed as one of two 'Lady Clerical Assistants' by the House of Lords in April 1918. She was appointed during shortages of male labour near the end of the First World War. But, unlike many such women elsewhere, she kept her job after the war and was quickly promoted.

On 1 June 1919 May Court was appointed Accountant and placed on the same salary scale as Mr H P Norris, the head of the Accounting and Copying department. When  Norris retired in 1927, she became head of the Accounting and Copying department with the title Receiver of Fees and Accountant.

May Court was awarded the OBE in 1942 for her services to the House of Lords, and retired in 1944. She had worked in the Lords for twenty-six years.

Photograph courtesy of the Court family. Used with permission.