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The Court family and the House of Lords

Robert Ambrey Court (1880-1917) worked for the House of Lords from 1899 in the Accounting and Copying Department. His father, Thomas Ambrey Court (1850-1921), was House of Lords Accountant between 1903 and 1919. His mother Hannah died in 1895.

Robert had a twin sister, May Court, who was working as an 'Embroideress in decorative society needlework' before the First World War. Robert and May also had older and younger brothers, Cecil and Edward, who both lived in Canada.

When war broke out in 1914, Robert was quick to volunteer to serve. He had four years' Territorial Army service behind him and applied for a commission in the Army. He was posted to the West Yorkshire Regiment, as Lieutenant. He was appointed Temporary Captain in September 1915, and later a Temporary Major. Robert Ambrey Court was killed in action in 1917.

Photograph courtesy of the Court family. Used with permission.


The Court family and the House of Lords