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1919 Treaty of Peace Act

After an arduous six months of negotiating the Treaty of Versailles, an exhausted Lloyd George took a back-seat role in the Parliamentary proceedings for the Treaty of Peace Bills. He delegated legislative responsibilities to senior cabinet colleagues such as Sir Donald McLean in what they hoped would be a more sedate ramification process.Of course, this was wishful thinking, if international animosity was detrimental in the early months of the Peace Conference then party-political division would prove divisive in the chamber deliberations. The Conservatives-Unionist benches found themselves accused of being ‘John Bulls' in their attitude towards German reparations while some Labour members were deemed Bolshevik sympathisers. But all sides were agreed upon the importance of the League of Nations in this uncertain post-war world.After a frenetic week of Committee scrutiny, the bill was passed in hope rather than expectation as the suspense between war and peace still lingered.

Treaty of Peace Act


July 1919

Catalogue number

Parliamentary Archives, HL/PO/PU/1/1919/9&10G5c.33