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Seating Plan of the Paris Peace Conference

This is an image of a ‘Seating Plan' used during the Paris Peace Conference. Delegates were allocated seats and the seating plan reflects the differences between ‘greater' and ‘smaller' world powers at the end of WW1. Thirty countries are shown on the seating plan. The noted ‘Big Four' – Britain, France, Italy and the United States are seated at the head of the table. This signified the position of influence they possessed in negotiating the Treaty of Versailles. What is not so known about the treaty, which the seating plan reveals are the other delegates present, such as Cube, Haiti and Peru. The plan also highlights Germany's absence from the meetings which was due to a belief that they might cause dissension among the Allies diplomatically.

Photograph of the Peace Conference & seating plan



Catalogue number

Parliamentary Archives, MAL/4