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Lloyd George & the British Delegation

In January 1919, Prime Minister David Lloyd George posed for a photograph outside 10 Downing Street with other members of the British delegation. They were headed to Paris for the Peace Conference. The result and aim of the conference was to end World War One. The Conference proceedings were long and complex, including 2000 meetings of around 60 commissions and committees. Their efforts culminated in the Treaty of Versailles which was signed on 28th June 1919. Lloyd George went to Paris confident that he had the support of the nation, for both his government and his peace policies. This support was evident from the large majority that Lloyd George and his coalition government won at the December 1918 General Election. The Coalition Government campaigned on the promises that the Kaiser would be prosecuted, and reparations sought from the Central Powers. These demands presumably would have been at the front of the British delegation's mind as they headed across the Channel to negotiate peace.

Photograph of David Lloyd George and delegates outside 10 Downing Street


January 1919

Catalogue number

Parliamentary Archives, LG/P