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Treaty of Versailles Programme

The Paris Peace Conference came to an end with a grand finale worthy of moving pictures. Film cameras were put in place to record the signing of the Treaty of Versailles on the 28th June 1919 in the opulent surroundings of the Hall of Mirrors with portraits of King Louis XIV looking down upon the signatories. Olive-branch designs adorned the front cover of a programme, published for the signing ceremony, to symbolise the tone of reconciliation that was fundamental to this treatise. Once the Germans had signed the document ceremonial guns could be heard booming from the palace gardens.French leader, Clemenceau presided over a press-call on the terrace while Woodrow Wilson and his team of delegates began their long journey back to America, the time spent in the French capital had seriously affected his health. As for the British delegation, they descended upon a celebratory dinner held at the Hotel Majestic with the promise of champagne.

Treaty of Versailles Programme


June 28th 1919

Catalogue number

Parliamentary Archives, FLS/1/1/19