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Frank Pakenham, 7th Earl of Longford

Frank Pakenham, 7th Earl of Longford

During WWII Frank Pakenham, 7th Earl of Longford, became an assistant to Sir William Beveridge, preparing plans for co-ordinating the post-war social services. Together they produced two of the most important state papers ever to emerge from Whitehall, Social Insurance and Allied Services (1942) and Full Employment in a Free Society (1944), which formed the blueprint for Britain's post-war welfare state.

Cecile Crombeke

The artist Cecile Crombeke was born in Bristol in 1920 and was educated at La Retraite School in Clifton. She served in the Women's' Auxiliary Air Force during the Second World War before being awarded a scholarship to the West of England College of Art qualifying in 1950.

Image: © the artist, Parliamentary Art Collection, WOA 6936