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Removal of Rubble from the Houses of Parliament

Vivian Charles Hardingham was employed by HM Ministry of Works to create a series of artworks documenting the aftermath of the air raid. This work captures the hard labour of clearing the rubble and debris from the ruined Common's Chamber.

The rebuilding of the Chamber took many years. The new space was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, who was guided by Churchill's insistence that the space remain laid out as opposing sides, and without designated seats. Churchill believed the Chamber should be adversarial, stating “we shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us”. The new Chamber was used for the first time in October 1950.

Image: © Parliamentary Art Collection, WOA 2790


The cutting and removing of 380 tons of Iron from the Houses of Parliament


Vivian Charles Hardingham


Oil on board

Catalogue number

WOA 2790