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House of Commons Chamber 1941

This print depicts the destruction of the Common's Chamber. The key to the work highlights where areas within the Chamber used to function such as the Press Gallery and the Speaker's Chair - which is pointed to as under debris.

51 Commonwealth nations gave gifts following the destruction of the Chamber to help rebuild and furnish it. These included native woods which were used by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott to inlay into furniture. The objects donated are still in use in the chamber today, including: a replica of Pugin's original Speaker's Chair gifted by Australia, two bronze brackets used to hold the Mace at the front of the Clerks' Table gifted by Zambia, and the north entrance doors to the Chamber given by India. given by India.

William Washington (1885 – 1956) was a master engraver who went on to become Head of the Hammersmith School of Art and Building.

Image: © Parliamentary Art Collection, WOA 2385


House of Commons Chamber 1941


William Washington



Catalogue number

WOA 2385