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Churchill Arch after rebuilding

To honour his gallant and inspirational leadership, the arch leading to the House of Commons chamber from Members' Lobby was named Churchill Arch in the post-war rebuilding project. At Churchill's suggestion the archway was rebuilt from the damaged stonework of the original arch which would symbolise not only the continuity from the old chamber but also be preserved as a 'Monument to the Ordeal' which Westminster endured during the Second World War. As Churchill went on to state 'It's a reminder to those who will come centuries after us that they may look back from time to time upon their forebears who ‘'kept the bridge in the brave days of old'''. In 1969 a bronze statue of Churchill by Oscar Neumon was unveiled and placed at the left side of the Arch. This complemented a statue of the other great wartime Prime Minister, David Lloyd George by Uli Nimptsch, which was placed on the right side of the Arch in 1963.


The Churchill Arch


Frank Ernest Beresford



Catalogue number

WOA 6587