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Lloyd George's Armistice Statement

The world spun on its axis quite unexpectantly on the morning of the 11th November 1918. Hostilities were yet still ongoing between the time-frame of German surrender at five am and an armistice being declared at 11 o'clock. The end had arrived abruptly leaving many people uncertain of its validity. There was to be a suspension of Parliamentary business for the day but not before Prime Minister, Lloyd George made a statement to the House confirming the terms of peace. It was an oration devoid of triumphalism with an undertone that acknowledged the transitory nature of victory and its spoils. The chimes of Big Ben bellowed once again, and the Royal Family greeted the huge crowds gathered outside Buckingham Palace, but the mood within the Palace of Westminster was more sombre than celebratory. The Parliamentarians retired for a thanksgiving service held at the Church of St Margaret, Westminster where they had all last gathered on August 4th, 1914.