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The Coupon Election

On the 14th November 1918, Mr Bonar Law, Leader of the House of Commons, announced that a general election was to be held. This was to be the first election since December 1910. The nomination day was set for 4th December and polling day for Saturday 14th December.  This election was unusual as a Liberal coalition headed by David Lloyd George, the Prime Minister, endorsed members from the Conservative Party as well as certain Liberal MPs. Other Liberal MPs and the Labour Party ran independently. Herbert Samuel, the Liberal MP for Cleveland since 1902, had sought endorsement from the Coalition. Endorsement was instead given to his Conservative rival Sir Park Goff, who won the seat. Overall, the Liberal Coalition won a landslide victory and David Lloyd George remained Prime Minister.

Coupon Election Poster


December 1918

Catalogue number

Parliamentary Archives, SAM/A/64