The Norwich connection with Parliament

Information discovered during the case study about Norwich commissioners and their dealings with Parliament

The Norwich Commissioners

The sections of the 1821 Land Tax Act that list the Norwich land tax commissioners

Commissioner: Elisha De Hague

At the Parliamentary Archives the detectives found the commissioner Elisha De Hague's name in two Acts Of Parliament

Commissioner: John Harrison Yallop

Yallop's experience of financial matters that made him an obvious choice as a land tax commissioner on the 1821 Land Tax Act.

Commissioner: Michael Bland

Commissioner Michael Bland used his inherited wealth to pursue a range of business interests

Commissioner: Philip Meadows Martineau

Born in 1752, Philip Meadows Martineau was a member of a notable Norwich family of Huguenot descent and was an active member of the French community in Norwich.

Norwich history detectives on flickr

Find out how the Norwich history detectives followed the trail of 5 commissioners named on the Land Tax Roll of 1821.