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About the Norwich case study

For centuries one of the key functions of Parliament has been raising money, originally at the request of the monarch but, more recently, to support the work of Government.

1821 Land Tax Act showing Norwich section

This case study on Norfolk connections with the 1821 Land Tax Act was undertaken by people living in the county who responded to our appeal for history detectives.

For the next four days at the Norfolk Record Office the history detectives learnt about the land tax and the background to the 1821 Act.

They investigated Norwich land tax commissioners named in the Act and explored some of the connections between Parliament and Norwich in the nineteenth century.

In September 2009 the group travelled to Westminster to see the Land Tax Act for themselves.

It is the longest Act of Parliament in the Parliamentary Archives - 348 metres long

They also explored other documents in the Archives about the commissioners and Parliamentary connections with Norwich.

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