Learn about the Norwich 'history detectives' challenge to research commissioners named on the 1821 Land Tax Act

About the Norwich case study

1821 Land Tax Act showing Norwich section

For centuries one of the key functions of Parliament has been raising money, originally at the request of the monarch but, more recently, to support the work of Government.

Meet the Norwich history detectives

Norwich history detectives

Find out who the fourteen detectives were

The Land Tax and role of commissioners

The Land Tax was the first and, for a long time, the only form of direct taxation to be imposed in Great Britain on a regular basis.

About the 1821 Land Tax Act

The 1821 Land Tax Act

On 19 March 1821 a Bill appointing land tax commissioners received its first reading in the House of Commons and MPs began to nominate people who might do the job.

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Find out how the Norwich history detectives followed the trail of 5 commissioners named on the Land Tax Roll of 1821.