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CARD: Campaign Against Racial Discrimination

As those who came from Commonwealth countries settled in Britain and began to raise their families, they naturally viewed Britain as home. This meant that the inequality of treatment they faced was hard to bear, particularly as the 1965 Race Relations Act failed to combat discrimination in housing and employment.  This led to the creation of pressure groups who worked to ensure that the Bill was passed and that it would have a tangible effect on these people's lives.  One such group was the Campaign Against Racial Discrimination (CARD) who were chaired by Dr David Pitt, later Baron Pitt of Hampstead, a doctor who had moved to Britain from Grenada. In this letter, issued days after the second reading of the Bill, CARD suggests amendments to certain causes. They also issue a rallying cry to their members, encouraging them to write to their MP and champion these amendments. 

Campaign Against Racial Discrimination Letter



Catalogue number

Parliamentary Archives, PWG/38/1