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Relationships: From the Parliamentary Collections

During the past 200 years Parliament has focused its attention on a wide range of issues affecting people's personal lives in relation to marriage, divorce and sexuality.

Often Parliament has passed legislation in response to campaigns by outside groups and organisations which have been anxious to protect vulnerable individuals. It has increasingly legislated on controversial issues where there have been many diverse, strongly-held opinions to take into account.

Religion and belief: Further your research
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Here are just some of the books about religion in Britain

Religion and belief: Contemporary context
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Read about Parliament's recent revisions to the blasphemy laws

Religion and belief: Overview
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Find out how Parliament's role in religion has changed over the centuries

Religion and belief: Key dates
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Follow the course of important religious laws from medieval times to the present

Religion and belief: From the Parliamentary Collections
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Explore the Parliamentary collections for documents about the history of the Book of Common Prayer

Case Study: Charles Stanhope and Freedom of Religion
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The Parliamentary Archives worked with Kent History and Library Centre to explore the life and career of Charles Stanhope, 3rd Earl Stanhope. Find out more here.