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Parliamentarians and the Second World War

Eleanor Rathbone Portrait

Rathbone established the Parliamentary Committee on Refugees in 1938 as a vehicle for her campaigns and her efforts to rescue endangered Jews.

Neville Chamberlain Portrait

As Prime Minister, Chamberlain is remembered for his support for the policy of appeasement towards Adolf Hitler over the annexation of Czechoslovakia and the signing Munich Agreement on 29 September 1938.

Letter from Lloyd George to Winston Churchill

Less than a month after Churchill became Prime Minister, he asked Lloyd George to become a member of the war cabinet. This is the letter from Lloyd George to Winston Churchill declining the offer for the present.

Churchill Statue

The bronze statue of Winston Churchill which stands in Members' Lobby, by Oscar Nemon.

Parliamentarians and People of World War II

Discover the stories of MPs and artists during the Second World War.

Churchill the orator: Archive of speeches

Read some of Churchill's most famous speeches including, 'We shall fight on the beaches.'

Churchill, Parliament and the Second World War

Find out more about Churchill's work and influence in Parliament during and after the Second World War.