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A Norwich creditor: John Harrison Yallop

John Harrison Yallop was a leading money lender in Norwich in the early nineteenth century.

He was also one of the Land Tax commissioners investigated by the first group of history detectives.  His personal account book shows the extent of his involvement in money lending and also his payments for the upkeep of his debtors in prison.

One of the individuals who owed money to him was Nathaniel Bolingbroke, his brother-in-law and Mayor of Norwich between 1819 and 1820.  The two men served together on the Norwich City Gaol Committee.

It is interesting to note that Nathaniel Bolingbroke is one of the signatories on a petition from debtors in prison in Norwich in 1801.  Yallop's account books show that Bolingbroke owed him money at this time.

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