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Conference member: T P O'Connor MP

Thomas Power O'Connor (1848-1929) was a journalist and MP. Initially elected for Galway, he then became the only MP to be elected as an Irish Nationalist for an English constituency, Liverpool Scotland, between 1885 and 1929.

O'Connor had a mixed record on women's suffrage, voting for a suffrage bill in 1909, but against another in 1913. This was in common with most other Irish Nationalist MPs, who were not prepared to risk Home Rule for another controversial issue during a difficult period before the First World War. However, his wife Elizabeth Paschal O'Connor, an author and playwright from Texas, USA, was a member of the suffragette organisation the Women's Freedom League. She was co-editor of the first edition of its paper, 'The Vote', in 1909.


'Tay Pay'


After Spy (Leslie Ward)




Colour lithograph

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Parliamentary Art Collection, WOA 3270